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Last updated 03.07.15

Twin City Idlers Show & Shine Photos

===> 2015 Show and Shine Registration  <===

NEW ---> The Twin City Idlers photo gallery is hosted by Flickr. Here is a link to sign up for your own Flickr account. It is free, and Flickr members can comment on photos, mark them as favorites, tag people in the photos, message other members, as well as organize and share their own shots. Idlers are encouraged to upload the pictures you take to share with all. Once you start, it is easy to do.

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Don’t you just love it when the sun comes out?  The sky is blue, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, the sound of horse power is all around (especially on the weekends) and the whole experience of going outside is just plain good.  Along with all of that, there are just more days to get the cars out and drive.  With the sunshine on Saturday there were 20 plus cars that showed up at the Dairy Queen.  We are getting people just stopping in to see the cars and show us theirs who are not yet (but we are working on that) part of the Idlers.  It’s great to see them and talk to them about what we are doing, what they’re driving and inviting them to come out to one of our events and hang out with the club.  We are getting some new members joining the TCI and some that have been members in years past are coming back, too.

Our cruises last month were well attended and this month I’ve got some planned that should be fun as well.  Mark your calendars for Wednesday the 20th, we’re going up to the La Conner Pub for lunch, and on Saturday the 23rd we are going down to the Heritage Flight Museum at Paine Field in Everett and then down to Mukilteo for lunch.  For these dates, the time to meet will still be at 11:00 and roll out is 11:30AM for Wednesday but on Saturday we will meet at 10 and roll out at 10:30 to Paine Field.

Also Clarke has a Car Show meeting set up for Wednesday the 27th, 6PM at the Resource Center in town.  Plenty of things to do and multiple shows are stacking up with the task of having to choose where you want to go every weekend.  Myself, I must play too much because I’m not nearly where I wanted to be by this time on my Cab Over…still blocking out the cab for paint.  I have lots of parts, just need to glue them in, so to speak. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

Anyway remember, smokem’ if you can, and if you can’t just keep on looking good as you always do!  Hope to see you on the road and be sure to wave when we pass.

All the Best,

Les Anderson


2015 Club dues are now being accepted. They are due Jan 1, 2015 - you can either mail them in to the TCI P.O. Box 906, Stanwood, WA. 98292 or you can pay them at the club meetings. Make sure you fill out a form so that we have current phone numbers and correct info on your car(s). Club dues are $20.00.

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