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Last updated 7.6.16

Twin City Idlers Show & Shine Photos

NEW ---> The Twin City Idlers photo gallery is hosted by Flickr. Here is a link to sign up for your own Flickr account. It is free, and Flickr members can comment on photos, mark them as favorites, tag people in the photos, message other members, as well as organize and share their own shots. Idlers are encouraged to upload the pictures you take to share with all. Once you start, it is easy to do.

Make sure to check out the Idlers Update page for Monthly Events.


===> 2016 Show and Shine Registration  <===


Wow, what an Awesome Show!!!  Makes me proud to be an Idler and associated with all of you.  This past week I’ve run into people all over town telling me that the Twin City Idlers do a Great Job at the Car Show.  Sunday night after the show, the Mayor even called me to tell me that he was impressed with the show we had.  Thank You goes out to everybody involved with and helping at the show and making it as good as it was, it’s a lot of work as you all well know…Thank You for your efforts.  Think about it, Greenwood has 900 cars, Colby has 700 cars, and Twin City Idlers had 550+ cars…That’s one heck of a number for a small town car show!!!  Congratulations go out to Nancy Burress for winning the people’s choice of the Idlers car at the show with her beautiful little ‘57 Thunderbird.

If you would like to get a special order car show art shirt, sweat shirt, or hoodie, please let me know as soon as you can, as we can still get them made up for us.  They will be on a prepay with order program to get them made up.

Once again, the TCI’s are still growing.  We have new members again this month, some even joining on the day of the show.  Please join me in welcoming Randy Walters, Dick and Jean Davis, Rick and Sharon Craig, Roy and Julie Leitner, and John Hertog to the Twin City Idlers.

At our June meeting, we talked once again about a long lunch cruise over to Winthrop, and I’ll be looking at dates for August or early September to head over the hill for lunch.

I know it’s early, but mark down December 17th for the TCI Christmas Party Potluck that will be held at the Camano Center.  Not sure of a date yet for a TCI Picnic that we are trying to put together out at the Cama Beach State Park, in past years we’ve been allowed to drive down to the beach and have a get together and it allows for the people camping out there to have their own little car show while we are there.  We’ll let you know as soon as we know.

With the show work out of the way, I’m back working on my own project and still expecting to fire up my 48 cab over this summer…I can’t wait.  Like I’ve said before, I’ve driven it a 1000 times in my head.

Don’t forget the 4PM Saturday cruise to the Dairy Queen and this month’s lunch cruises on Tuesday the 12th and Saturday the 30th with the destinations yet to be determined. 

Remember, smokem’ if you can, and it’s ok if you can’t… just keep on looking good as you always do!!  Hope to see you on the road and be sure to wave when we pass.

All the Best,


Les Anderson




2016 Club dues are now being accepted. They are due Jan 1, 2016 - you can either mail them in to Twin City Idlers - P.O. Box 906 - Stanwood, WA 98292 or you can pay them at the club meetings which are currently held at the Stanwood Camano Resource Center.  Make sure you fill out a form so that we have current phone numbers and correct info on your car(s). Club dues are $20.00.

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