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Last updated 11.30.15

Twin City Idlers Show & Shine Photos

===> 2015 Show and Shine Registration  <===

NEW ---> The Twin City Idlers photo gallery is hosted by Flickr. Here is a link to sign up for your own Flickr account. It is free, and Flickr members can comment on photos, mark them as favorites, tag people in the photos, message other members, as well as organize and share their own shots. Idlers are encouraged to upload the pictures you take to share with all. Once you start, it is easy to do.

Make sure to check out the Idlers Update page for Monthly Events.



What a Great January meeting we had.  4 new members and lots of good car stories and news were shared.  Please join me in welcoming Gary Goebel, Dennis Wischmeier, Mel Lang, and Roy VanWinkle all of whom made it to their first Twin City Idlers meeting last week.  Also, welcome back to Jeremy Haugstad as he rejoined the club after a couple of years off.

On a side note, Roy sent me an email requesting information on dyno’s and if anybody knows where he might go to do some dyno work and fine tuning on his car.  Let me know if you do and I can give you his email.  We’re once again growing and the more the merrier.

It’s always great to have twenty-thirty cars lined up headed down the road on our cruises.  I still as usual can’t wait for it to get warmer and a lot less rain.

I hope all of your information is current as Clarke is about ready to print the roster booklets this first week of February.  Thank you for your support and ideas for the club and lunch locations for upcoming cruises.  I’m looking forward to a great summer and many group cruises.  I hope you have your rides all ready to go and down to only the final polishing and clean up for the great summer ahead.

Remember, smokem’ if you can, and if you can’t… just keep on looking good as you always do!!  Hope to see you on the road and be sure to wave when we pass.

All the Best,


Les Anderson




2016 Club dues are now being accepted. They are due Jan 1, 2016 - you can either mail them in to Twin City Idlers - P.O. Box 906 - Stanwood, WA 98292 or you can pay them at the club meetings which are currently held at the Stanwood Camano Resource Center.  Make sure you fill out a form so that we have current phone numbers and correct info on your car(s). Club dues are $20.00.

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