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Last updated 7.6.16

Twin City Idlers Show & Shine Photos

NEW ---> The Twin City Idlers photo gallery is hosted by Flickr. Here is a link to sign up for your own Flickr account. It is free, and Flickr members can comment on photos, mark them as favorites, tag people in the photos, message other members, as well as organize and share their own shots. Idlers are encouraged to upload the pictures you take to share with all. Once you start, it is easy to do.

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I heard the weather man on the news the other night say that since the first day of summer we’ve lost an hour a day of sun.  I don’t want to think about that.  We really haven’t had much of a summer.  Oh well, can’t do anything about that.

What a couple of great lunch cruises we had last month.  I think there were 35 people on the Tuesday lunch cruise down to Bob's Burgers and Brew in Marysville and last Saturday, we had 37 people and 20 plus cars.  Since I sold my Camaro, I haven’t had anything worth driving so I’ve been riding with others who have been going solo.  That’s actually pretty good, as I’ve had a chance to ride in Tom Courtney’s Mercedes Roadster and then last week I got to ride up and back with John Hertog in his Sweet '66 GTO Convertible.  Both are Great Cars and really nice to cruise in.  Thanks guys for letting me bum a ride and for the great conversation, it’s great to get to know you better and ride in great Idler cars.  I hope that will end in this calendar year as I’ve been working hard on my COE truck, thinking that I might be able to fire it off sometime this month.

Guess what, we have 3 new members again this month.  Please join me in welcoming Phil Berns, Steve and Sheryl Smith, and Ed “Lum” Barrett who have all joined the Twin City Idlers.  I was asked last year when we stopped having our meetings at the Stanwood Café if we were going to fold up and abandon the club.  My response was, Heck no, we are stronger than ever and going strong.  Well, we are, and we are stronger than ever with all kinds of new members who like doing all the things we do on a monthly basis.

Still working on a summer picnic hopefully at the Cama Beach State Park and don’t forget to mark the calendar for December 17th for the Twin City Idlers Christmas Party at the Camano Center on Arrow Head Road.  More on that later.  Make the most out of what summer we have left which I hope is a couple more months of good cruising weather.

Don’t forget the 4PM Saturday cruise to the Dairy Queen and this month’s lunch cruises on Tuesday the 9th and Saturday the 27th with the destinations yet to be determined. There is a group of us that meet up for lunch every Friday at the Stanwood Café at 11:30 AM as well.  If you’re out and about, stop by and have lunch or if you’re a Saturday morning early bird, stop in for Breakfast at the Stanwood Café as well.  We order at 7 AM and out of there around 8.  You are all welcome to stop at either of these.

Remember, smokem’ if you can, and it’s ok if you can’t… just keep on looking good as you always do!!  Hope to see you on the road and be sure to wave when we pass.

All the Best,


Les Anderson




2016 Club dues are now being accepted. They are due Jan 1, 2016 - you can either mail them in to Twin City Idlers - P.O. Box 906 - Stanwood, WA 98292 or you can pay them at the club meetings which are currently held at the Stanwood Camano Resource Center.  Make sure you fill out a form so that we have current phone numbers and correct info on your car(s). Club dues are $20.00.

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